Is there an app for that? Sound frequency identifier not audible

Post date: 2022-09-27 11:34:11
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Long story short... I think I'm being affected by sounds that are *just* outside of my hearing range... maybe Is there an app that can tell me the levels of the noises I shouldn't be able to hear? (more explanation inside... but that's the main question)

New neighbor started playing really loud sound a few days after he moved in on the floor above me. Not music, just sound. Super low bass kinda pulsating but not like EDM or anything. Punctuated by tones of various frequencies and various amplitude. No melody... just noise. So loud that I could hear it over everything else in my apartment.

I knocked on the door after 24 hours of this, no answer. Couple hours later knocked again and they answered. Don't think they were expecting me. Anyways they said they didn't realize it was that loud and turned it down. Still always on. I can't express how annoying it is.

Anyways I was home sick Friday and had enough and knocked again, no answer. Left a note on the door explaining that I was home sick and could they please turn it down again. It was turned down maybe an hour later.

So for almost a full 24 hours it was fantastic, dead silence like it used to be.

It's been back on for a while now. I think it's back to full volume but they have tried to mask the sound. I can just barely hear it, but I can *feel* it. It makes me feel like I need to pop my ears, it makes my ears ring, it makes me feel like there's pressure inside my head. It's hard to describe.

So I'm looking for a way to visualize it. Because once I step out of my apartment I stop feeling that way. So there must be a difference, maybe?

Also if you have any idea what purpose this kind of sound serves let me know please because the curiosity is killing me too.
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