10 More Boston Location-Based Riddles!!

Post date: 2022-08-14 04:46:25
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I'm still in a competitive scavenger hunt that takes me across Boston, to be the first to find a small token. They are placed in the last few days and just released. It's fun, but I'm in a competition where we are supposed to "use all of our resources". Askmi is a resource, right?

Last time, people seemed to really enjoy helping me solve these clues! Even if you aren't familiar with Boston, often the right keywords into Google can certainly help!

I need to go to the location, and then actually find the token. Then - I redeem the token for around $500!! If you would like to join and hunt yourselves, you are definitely welcome too - it's called the golden goose scavenger hunt, which you can google.

I've been told that the clues can be referencing businesses, statues, murals, streets, anything around Boston. Usually the first half of the riddle leads to the general spot, and then the second half leads to the specific spot. But, sometimes it doesn't follow those regulations.

Rules: They are usually outdoors. They aren't in cemeteries. You don't have to pay to enter. No treasures are hidden anywhere near train tracks or in train stations.


Here are the 10 riddles. I've numbered them for easy reference later:

The silversmith was thoroughly aghast
When notified that he'd be bronzely cast,
Causing the sculptor to get out of joint—
But maybe he just doesn't see the point...

The little birds all chirped and made a fuss
When they saw their noble friend Andronicus
Had kindly and munificently come
To bring them a sweet, pink chrysanthemum.

The basement's got a vast and teeming stash
Of bridges, rivets, hinges, and nose pads,
And other tools to help the students see
Their way to an invaluable degree.

Some palaces in Accra, and some flats
In London are for sale. And yet, for half
Of what you'd pay for those, you can afford
A prime and pristine residence in Lourdes.

The tiny house in between Mathison
And Kingsley's got the preparations done,
By getting itself stocked up for the winter,
Collecting twigs and little sprigs as tinder.

To pause and spend a little time apart
From others can become a healing art.
And you will feel more calm inside by far
When you let your heart become a sea of stars.

The woman in her long and flowing shawl
Looks deep into the vague, translucent ball
To find, for those who patiently await,
The details for the up and coming dates.

The barrel hangs, a sword of Damocles,
Over the people nibbling on their cheese,
Who know the fun could end at any time
With them all covered in gallons of wine.

I walked the winding path over to see
The traces of a little factory.
The cable that it processed and supplied
Was cast out by a straight and simple die.

The symbol that is looking up at me
Persuades the setting of longevity,
But tiny, greenish bubbles disagree
As they fly fleetingly up from the deep.
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