What to do with extraneous wiring in bathroom fixtures?

Post date: 2022-08-14 08:22:38
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I am swapping out old bathroom vanity lights that have an attached 3-prong grounded electrical outlet, but the new fixtures do not have the outlet. I have questions about what to do with extraneous wiring.

The old light fixtures have 3-prong electrical outlets attached to the units (see linked photos). The new units do not have them. I ass-u-me that I just need to cut the white and black wires from the outlet and combine them with the corresponding white and black wires that I will use to wire the new lights. But I'd rather not do so without consulting others with more electrical experience as I am fond of the house and my wife is fond of me.

I'd appreciate answers from electricians or at least people with DIY electrical experience. I have my own guesses obviously. Thank you!

1. Old fixture showing on-board 3-prong outlet from the outside.
2. View of wiring inside the old fixture.
3. Close-up view of wiring inside the old fixture.

Obviously I will use the green ground wire as intended with new fixture.
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