Tell me about your experiences with group travel for "solo travellers"

Post date: 2022-08-14 16:13:02
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I've been seeing ads for Flash Pack, Intrepid travel and other group travel packages for what they call "solo travellers", what are these actually like?

I am not single but my partner hates travel and my friends just aren't into food and local flavour in the same way I am, so I thought that this sort of group travel might be worth exploring. If you have direct experience with these kinds of packages, I'd love to hear what it was like. I'm particularly wondering how queer-friendly these groups are - I'm not looking necessarily for a queer focused trip, but also don't really want to be stuck in a group of hyper heteronormative suburban moms from the middle of Indiana (yes, massive stereotype, but I think it conveys a certain type). Also, in the realm of stereotypes, are these likely to be all white groups? My media consumption has left me with the impression that group travel from North America is for/about white people.

Final note: travel questions seem to elicit responses about how great it is to travel by oneself. I appreciate the sentiment and am glad some people enjoy that. I've done plenty of travel by myself, and just don't find it as rewarding as sharing the experience with someone, so I'm not looking for encouragement to travel by myself.
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