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Post date: 2022-08-10 03:27:09
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My university is offering intensive languages courses and I have finally decided to take the plunge to learn French properly. What level should I sign up for? I am in the UK so the levels here are based on the CEFR scale - A1, A2 (Beginner) B1, B2 (Intermediate) C1, C2 (Advanced). I can read contemporary French novels comfortably and understand about 50-90% of films/tv shows but my speaking skills are limited (I can't think in French) and my writing skills are nonexistent. Does it make sense to sign up for an A1 beginners class?

I really do not want to start at A1, these courses are expensive and I do not want to be bored reading passages about "My trip to the South of France" or "Meet my family" BUT it is not like I can join an intermediate class either. Sigh.

I tried iTalki and Preply. They did not work for me, I found my classes very unstructured.

Any tips on learning to write French will be appreciated as well!
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