Using personal PC as my work computer & privacy issues

Post date: 2022-08-10 06:47:30
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My work computer is out of commission. In the meantime I have to use my personal laptop to access a remote desktop via VPN. I work with sensitive information that needs extra privacy restrictions, so I am basically useless outside the VPN as nothing sensitive is accessible otherwise. Can you please explain like I'm 5 how the use of my PC as my remote desktop machine impacts end user privacy?

Does my employer have permission to view my personal computer activities if I am using the PC as my work station? If I open non-work browser Windows while logged into the remote desktop browser window, does my work then have access to whatever I'm browsing? If I have logged off the work programs/VPN/remote desktop solution for the evening and then I decide to do something on my PC that is NSFW (but not illegal or anything ), will work see that? If I am using my phone over the same wifi I'm using for work, does my work have permission to access that information just because I also use that wifi connection for work?
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