Please help me figure out how to eat breakfast everyday

Post date: 2022-08-10 12:34:13
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I hate breakfast and didn't grow up with it, but it's ruining my life that I don't have a regular breakfast eating habit. Help me out with helping form one?

Thank you all for helping support me dealing with scabies. Now onto my next health issue to address:

I just finished meeting with a registered dietician because I have several issues from not eating breakfast in the morning. It's gotten to the point where my hunger cues are so out of whack that I end up falling asleep from low blood sugar and hunger. I neglect myself because of work and stress, but I don't have the energy to work if I can't eat breakfast regularly.

However, I've never enjoyed breakfast and never really been a big breakfast person, and growing up, my family also didn't really eat breakfast either. When I think about breakfast, I honestly really hate the idea and resent having to eat it because I kinda just wish I didn't have to deal with food at all, but I really love making food and get dopamine hits from making delicious food (very ADHD here.)

The times I have eaten breakfast, it has been through cereal bars, eaten on the way to work or school. I am a foodie and love preparing food for lunch and dinner and friends, but I find it hard to figure out what to make myself for breakfast.

For example, the idea of making an American style breakfast (fried eggs, sausage, hash browns) is too rich and is very unappetizing. I am trying steelcut oatmeal in my rice cooker, but I find it rather confusing to eat texturally. (I'm Asian but don't really like congee unless it's like 50% thousand year old egg.) The most successful breakfast I've had this week was eating leftover deli chicken wings. I do love lunchables, and enjoy eating deli meat, Trader Joe's pre-sliced cheese squares, and golden round crackers when I have no appetite. I prefer protein-heavy foods to carbs, because carbs always make me hungry really quickly. I don't eat croissants or breakfast pastries, find breakfast burritos kind of strangely intolerable and overall prefer Asian food.

Basically, I'm uncertain about what to do. I have an unused Nutribullet, I do like avocados but can never really finish a bread loaf, and overall I'm exhausted and stressed from dealing with multiple chronic illnesses. But I do want to make eating breakfast an enjoyable activity and ritual for me, and something I can look forward to waking up to, but it's hard to imagine when I have such a history of being averse to it. But one step at a time -- I just need to start eating breakfast too!

I welcome recipes and anecdotes, and any suggestions. I'm meeting with my dietitian at the end of next week, so anything I can implement starting this week would be great.

Other notes about my eating habits: My dietitian says that I have a shrunken stomach from not regularly eating, so it's difficult for me to eat enough all at one time currently for me to feel comfortable and not have blood sugar spikes. I was formerly pre-diabetic, but my current a1c levels are totally fine. I also am meeting with a new therapist who has an emphasis in eating disorders, so if there are any relevant questions that you can suggest I can bring up to her that would help me with this, I also would appreciate that, thanks!
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