How do make my hair look good?

Post date: 2022-08-08 13:38:27
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I'm a mid-30s man and I am trying to make my hair look good, mostly for dating photos, but also for the dates themselves. I know nothing about this, I didn't care about my hair at all until recently. I have gone to four barbers charging a range of prices (cheap. medium, and expensive), and they all want me to pick a hair style. I just want someone to pick styles which would look good on me. Ideally they would give me a few options and I could pick.

I also have trouble with it after the haircut. A couple of barbers made my hair look goodish in the shop, and told me how to achieve this at home, but I could not. At home, using Crew Fiber and/or running my hand through my hair just makes it stick up. My hair seems to be thin in the front, so I need a hair style that addresses that.

I don't have the energy to test out different methods of hair care and research hair styles. I just want to pay someone to do it for me. Does that exist?
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