In Denver this week, What to do during the day?

Post date: 2022-08-08 13:41:06
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Short-Notice-Travel-Filter: I'm going to Denver tomorrow morning, will be there until Thursday afternoon. Staying in a hotel downtown, looking for recommendation on things to do during the day, thanks friendz!

Things could include: museums, historical landmarks, nice outdoorsy places, unique neighborhoods, good restaurants, good bookstores or other shopping venues for the not-rich American, and, of course, good dispensaries for milady Mary Jane. Other recommendations welcome, as are recommendations for local transit that aren't Uber.

Bonus Round!
I'm going to the Ween/Primus/South Park shows on Tuesday & Wednesday evening. Best options for getting to Red Rocks Amphitheater?

Ultra Mega Bonus Round!!
If you're in Denver and/or going to the concerts and would like to share a cab, a drink, a chat, a meal, or whatever with a socially awkward 45 yr old guy who will also probably be pretty high for most of the time (that would be me) LMK!
(thought about posting the last part to Meta-IRL, don't know if it qualifies tho)
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