can i get ebay to stop forcing me to reset my password?

Post date: 2022-06-22 08:45:19
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does anyone here have a solution other than give up, bow and scrape to corporate bullshit security theatre, and never use anything other than that one home-based vanilla-ass Windows box to log into to ebay?

i own many computers running various operating systems. i travel for work, i have vpns, i have android and iOS devices. whenever i log in from a different device, eBay throws a fit and, without asking me or confirming, resets my password and won't let me log in again until i reset it. this has happened so many times lately that i've become right fucking sick of it. it's become a thing now that i've reset my password so many times and i have so many logged entrys in various password managers, that i'm losing track of which password is current, thus causing failed logins and even more forced resets.

i've tried complaining to ebay chat agents (politely, as i was once a chat agent myself) and all they will do is condescendingly explain that it's for my own good and force me to reset one more time.

i am an IT professional, i use a password manager, and i only have this problem with ebay. are there some magic words or something i can say to their fraud department or whomever, that will deescalate me from the Clearly This Login Attempt Is Criminal list?

as you can tell, i'm somewhat frustrated.
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