Body-Friendly Soap for Industrial-Grade Grit

Post date: 2022-06-22 10:27:10
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My son started working at a chip-and-grind shop, where he uses various pneumatic tools to remove the slag (or whatever) from die-cast engine parts. This is spectacularly filthy work. He's in PPE like a full face-covering respirator; work clothes include steel-toe boots, long heavy jeans, long-sleeve tees, gloves, and a balaclava. Still comes home looking like he rolled around the finest-grained sandbox in the universe. And it is really hard to remove. Please recommend a body wash or bar soap that will get him clean.

Tried a Lava (bar) - too gritty. Irritated the hell out of his skin, which was pretty raw to start with.

He's working on how to mitigate how much gets to his body, but so far, not successfully. If you have suggestions there, please share them.

He also asked some of the veteran workers what they use; they did not offer specifics. They just said, soap. Maybe they tried different things and found it didn't matter.

Bonus points for laundry detergents that are good at this sort of thing. He's taking it to a laundromat, under the assumption that the effluent would be bad for my machine and plumbing.
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