Getting insulin as a non-EU/EEA tourist in Norway?

Post date: 2022-06-22 22:19:33
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I'm a USA citizen, currently in Norway (thanks to some excellent advice from the green previously). I have type one diabetes, and would like to extend my trip beyond what I originally planned, but am not sure if I have enough insulin with me. Is it possible to get insulin (paying out of pocket) as a non-EU tourist in Norway, without jeopardizing my ability to return in the future?

This website only mentions "urgent care", which I presume this would not count as. But, it's also not clear to me that that page is complete.

I guess my questions are:

  1. If I go to a hospital/doctor here, is it likely that I would actually be able to purchase insulin?

  2. If I go to a hospital/doctor here, is there a chance that it would make it more difficult for me to return to Norway/the EU in the future? And if so, how likely is that?

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