Basic and budget personal chef services in Toronto

Post date: 2022-06-21 04:17:49
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Looking for a personal chef/home cook to prepare the same easy recipes every week and deliver them to me, nothing more, for $500/month. Is this realistic?

I'm dealing with long covid, I'm exhausted all the time, I'd like to hire someone to cook meals for me. I live in Toronto, and I can spare around $500 a month for 2 meals a day, 6 days a week. I know personal chef services are usually far more expensive, but would it be realistic if I had the following qualifiers? I'd like to ask Mefi first before I expend energy fruitlessly e-mailing personal chefs and getting shot down.

* Very basic meals - just bare-bones stir-fries and soups, all below 10 ingredients.
* I don't mind eating the same few recipes every week
* I live by myself, so I don't need family servings
* I would need the groceries to be bought for me, but I can pay for it on top of the monthly rate
* No cooking in my kitchen, just drop food off at my place once a week
* I can clean the dishes so that reusable containers can be used instead

I know a lot of the value of personal chefs comes from creating meal plans with rotating recipes, but I truly am just looking for home cook/line cook experience, someone to make stir-fries/sautés with soy sauce, one-pot minestrone soup, etc. The meals I'm looking for are like college 101 meal plans, same cooking style with a different sauce every week.

I'm imagining this could be a side-gig for a hobby cook, but previous AskMefi answers have said that it's important to get someone with assurances from the local health department/insurance?

I looked into subscription meal delivery services, but my issue is that I need meals with zero added sugar - I've found that this helps with my fatigue and inflammation issues.
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