Does my dream dresser exist?

Post date: 2022-05-28 04:17:50
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If I can't see my clothes, I forget they exist. Help me find the most minimal dresser possible.

COVID and a dresserful of unworn clothing has made me realize that if I can't see it, I won't wear it. This has led to a floordrobe problem that really, really needs to be managed. I can think of certain hacks that might help me (better hamper system, more hooks) but the furniture situation still has me stumped.

I'm moving into a place with a larger closet, so hanging up shirts and dresses shouldn't be a problem, but that leaves the question of underwear, socks, undergarments I wear every two years, etc. I want to put them away without investing in another large dresser (which I will inevitably fill up and never look at again).

My dream small dresser would be two or three small, shallow waist- or chest- level drawers, possibly with open shelf storage underneath for shoes and other goodies (I have to see them). Does such a thing exist? Or am I going to have to repurpose a side table or a hack a credenza? (I've tried hanging drawers--they take up closet space and yes, i forget what's in them too.)

Also, if anyone has any tips for ADHD clothes organization in general, they would be gratefully accepted!
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