Infection risk being around people who are still + after 10 days are up

Post date: 2022-05-28 15:44:28
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We're doing our show tomorrow night after it became a super spreader event 2 weeks ago. Supposedly after 10 days you are not supposed to be infectious. One person told me that on day 10 they are still testing positive. How worried should I be?

I asked if he was out of the show and he said as far as he knows he'll have to wear a mask in the building. Supposedly the CDC says you're not infectious after 10 days and today is day 10, but.... As for the rest of the cast, of the six people actually onstage without masks on, two have tested negative, the one I asked is still positive, and I don't know about the other three but they haven't said anything today, so.... Suffice it to say I'm near everybody remaining unknown, plus the positive one, at some point or other. I presume most/all people are still going to be free facing it :/

I'm pretty close to saying "fuck it, I'm keeping a mask on even if nobody else is, it's the last show anyway," but thought I'd ask if anyone knows more on this than just rereading the effing CDC page over and over again. How worried should I be? I presume this is a rapid test positive and not a PCR since I know those stay positive for months.
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