Answered: It takes too long to save when user ask questions, why?

Post date: 2022-05-28 00:34:14
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Try applying these changes:

If you want to apply additional performance improvements at the expense of not being able to search for posts (like not updating the qa_words table), that will boost performance more.

But please, DO let me know the times things take BEFORE these changes and AFTER these changes. To properly test it, do this:

  1. Backup your current file (the one with those changes)
  2. Replace it with the official standard file
  3. Run the tests I mentioned in the comment above and take a note (you can measure using the web browser inspector, in the networking tab you'll see the requests)
  4. Apply the changes from my pull request
  5. Execute step 3 again
  6. Share the results here
Obviously, if you then want to apply more changes, go ahead. The thing is that these changes won't sacrifice any feature, while more "aggressive" changes, will.
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