spring cleaning, email edition

Post date: 2022-05-19 02:27:45
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Just graduated college and transitioning to using my personal email again. I basically used my edu email for EVERYTHING for the past four years, so now I need to transition everything to the personal email, maybe cancel some subscriptions, etc. Personal email is very cluttered. tips would be very appreciated!

Some other more specific details:
- I'm subscribed to quite a few Substacks and other newsletters; I've already started shifting my subscriptions but unsure how to continue to do that.
- I signed up for a lot of services with my edu email - but I'm not sure how to track them all down without going through literally every service I am subscribed to (which may not be a bad idea as I am also trying to do some financial spring cleaning as well).
- Probably most problematic is how messy my personal email is. I wish I could just clean out the whole thing and start fresh (and maybe save a couple emails that are actually still relevant to me now). It's overrun with spam emails and not organized at all. I'd also like some tips on how to organize it better - for example, is there a way for me to set rules so promotional emails (from brands) automatically go into a separate folder and newsletters go into a separate folder etc?

thanks in advance for all the help!
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