Help me plan a great holiday with my mother (yes, there are snowflakes)

Post date: 2022-05-19 08:51:32
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I need a place to stay with an older, mobility compromised person in South East Queensland.

Background - I have spent nearly half of my life living in Queensland, and have worked in tourism there previously. So please keep in mind I am aware of the 'usual' tourist options in this area already.

I am going back to Australia in the second half of this year (hopefully) to spend some time with my mother. She has health issues, and mobility issues (she uses a walker). I would like to find the equivalent of the holiday option that is popular with a lot of European and American tourists - an all inclusive resort. Somewhere we don't have to move around a lot, don't have to think much, maybe some spa treatments. My Mum can't go out in the sun, so not looking for somewhere to lie on the beach. I am happy to pay for a slightly luxurious once in a lifetime week away but not one-percenter holiday money.
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