Bluetooth active noise cancelling "earphones" that don't fall out.

Post date: 2022-05-19 11:39:20
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I've using and enjoying these cheap headphones that have a little "wing" that helps lock them into your ear. I can't find any more of them, I need a replacement.

I used to use a pair of Bose QC-20 that have a similar design, but the self-noise of the noise-cancelling is way to loud for me, so I hear a constant hiss when they're on. The Taotronics are a perfect mix: aggressive enough to wear in the grocery store, but not aggressive enough to have such loud self-noise.

Price isn't really an issue. Earbuds that somehow magically stay in are fine, but I use headphones a *lot* and I think I've benefitted from the long battery life the necklace design offers.

I have tried many many earbuds, none have ever stayed in. I also tried the successor to this model, but the change to a "spring" rather than a "wing" doesn't work nearly as well.
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