Ideas for unique scavenger hunt / escape room clues with a unique form!

Post date: 2022-01-26 13:04:20
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We're having a party! The party is a puzzle! It's very exciting. We've got schemes afoot to get guests searching the house, puzzling out clues, completing little challenges, etc etc. If you've even been a part of something like this, what was the one clue, challenge, or trick that you loved, that really blew your mind, or that did something with the format you hadn't expected? We do have some budget, so if it requires a small prop ($10 or less), that's likely workable.

I recognise there are other extremely related askmefi's - I'll be browsing them! - but this one is specifically a request for clues that escape the riddle->solution->combinationlock default and do something unexpected instead.
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