YANMD, but my lower-right and center of stomach has a heaviness to it.

Post date: 2022-01-26 13:56:52
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Yes, YANMD, but this has been an ongoing struggle for a bit of a while now. I have emailed my doctor, but want to get feelers from the community on what it could be. I've theorized it's appendicitis, but I only have one symptom, and so far, it's not sharp pain. Any helpful suggestions would be ideal, more inside the fold.

Last October, my back gave out. Ended up going to urgent care, getting anesthesia, and it mysteriously went away after that. CT and X-Ray scans came clean.

However, a few weeks after that episode, I noticed whenever I ate specific food, I'd have this weird sensation in the middle of my stomach, kind of felt like a bone or something was moving. It wasn't HURTING, per se, but more of an uncomfortable sensation. I noticed this happened with specific food, but not with other food. Sometimes my lower back, not the BACK itself, but more of in that area, if that makes sense, would have a very slight burning sensation when I stood too long, but again, nothing that was too bothersome.

This has continued, being kind of on and off, but in the past week or so, I've noticed the discomfort has became more recurring and more persistent. Before, it was only after a big dinner I had, for example—now, it's kind of all day. It's, so far, not to the point where I can't breathe, can't walk, etc., but it is uncomfortable, especially when I stand after sitting for a while. It's like some kind of bone is "squirming" in my upper stomach/lower chest area, and sometimes there's this certain heaviness that persists, especially in the lower right stomach (from where I face; if you were facing me, it'd be on the lower left) portion of my stomach. Sometimes it's in the middle of my stomach, kind of a bit lower, but in the middle. It's more annoying than anything else, but it's also concerning, and I want to get this addressed before/if it escalates.

I had an urine test earlier this month to rule out kidney stones/other UTI issues, and again, the CT scan in October (after my back gave out) showed no issues. The only thing I can think of that possibly could be wrong is appendicitis, because it's on the lower right of my stomach, but I have no other symptoms so far (diarrhea, constipation, etc), and the pain isn't sharp or acute. Just more uncomfortable and a bit annoying. It comes and goes, even if I don't eat a meal. Sometimes it's just a general heaviness, if that makes any sense.

To be clear, so far, I have had zero back pain since my back gave out in October. *knock on wood*

I emailed my doctor, but I do want to see what the community might suggest I could be experiencing, so I can add those as suggestions to my doctor. It's really perplexing, and kind of annoying. I wish I could describe it better. Hopefully some of you who had similar experiences can have suggestions on what's going on.

Many thanks!
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