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Post date: 2021-12-07 05:38:50
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So I found another job...

...check my last question for context. I applied to a ton of other jobs and got called for an interview with one of them. I really liked the HR person and the hiring manager. I vetted the heck out of this company, read everything I could find on them on Glassdoor and elsewhere, and they seem great. They have been ranked one of the best companies to work at five years in a row in a regional business publication pertaining to their field, among other things. They seemed really enthusiastic about me as they basically zoomed me through their hiring process in one week. The salary they are offering is a $16K increase from what I am making now. It's just all good stuff. Yay.

The problem is, when I reviewed the benefits package, it looked like they were offering a very paltry level of PTO - lower than any place I have worked. I emailed the HR person last night asking if there was room to negotiate on PTO. I walked away from my computer for a couple of hours. When I came back, I re-read the offer letter and realized that I had completely and totally misunderstood how much PTO they were offering. Complete reading comprehension fail. Their PTO is absolutely fine.

So I sent another email to the HR lady saying that I had misunderstood the PTO allocation, understood it now, was totally fine with it, asked her to disregard my previous email, and apologized if I had caused any confusion. I attached the offer letter and background check forms. Then I went to bed.

I have not heard anything from the HR lady yet today. Given how enthusiastic she was to tell me they wanted to hire me last week (she called me at 8:03am on Friday) I'm freaking out a little because not responding immediately is out of character for her. I'm now panicking that my original email asking for more PTO offended her or that they are having second thoughts about hiring me because I misunderstood the PTO allocation (so maybe I'm not that attentive to detail?).

I am seriously about to have an anxiety attack that I found a job to get me out of my current hell with such a huge pay bump and I fucked it up somehow. What should I do? Should I call the HR lady? Should I call now or in the afternoon? What if they pull the offer? My next therapy appointment isn't till a week from today

Help help please
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