What's fun when you're 12 and into Japanese / Greek / Roman history?

Post date: 2021-11-29 02:19:46
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My nearly 12 year old nephew is really into history, especially Greeks, Romans and Japanese history. I'd love to get him something related for Christmas, but I don't want to just get him 'plain old books' - I'd like something that doesn't resemble homework.

I was wondering if there are good graphic novels on these subjects suitable for kids his age, maybe? A couple of years ago he was into Asterix, but if he hasn't outgrown that his parents are already all over it. Are there some really great themed board games?

I think mythology would go down well too and so I've had a look at this previous and this one, though I suspect he knows all about Percy Jackson already, and ideas that go beyond books of any sort are especially welcome - so many fun history gifts are a bit young for him now.

He's also weirdly into 19th-century German history. If any of you can come up with a 12-year-old-friendly gift for that, I'll be deeply impressed.
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