Masters in Psychology vs. Masters in Social Work

Post date: 2021-11-29 07:23:43
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I am a 58 yo male planning on going back to get my Masters in either Psychology or Social Work. I'd like some feedback re: the + and - of each. Some basics I've learned so far from a friend....

Psychology - M.F.T., More fun in getting degree, less insurance options, less work options/flexibility, more

Social Work - L.C.S.W., , More work in getting degree, better insurance coverage, more work options/flexibility

I am looking for a program in the Cal State system. Is there a benefit to looking into a college like Antioch (subtracting out tuition costs)

I prefer the M.F.T. degree. It interests me more and I feel I am best suited it. My friend emphasizes the LCSW degree as it allows for more work flexibility and financial stability.

Any other random suggestions and advice appreciated...
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