Shed light on description for technical job?

Post date: 2021-11-29 09:11:50
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A company gave me, an applicant, a job description. But some of the bullet items are somewhat abstract. Can you put them in more specific and concrete terms for me?

I applied for Job A at Acme Co. The company works with very large datasets, combining, enhancing and analyzing them. It also offers polling and other services.
Acme wrote me back and asked me whether I am interested in Job B. The high point of the pay range for Job A is the low point of the pay range for Job B.

I said yes, I am interested in Job B. I have my first interview on Wednesday.

The job includes validation of source data, data formatting specifications and output requirements, along with audits. The 15-bullet job description also includes:
* Builds data processing workflows to streamline processes.
* Research, acquisition, processing and documentation of available vote history, district and other data types for internal and external client support work and delivery.

But the job description is not as clear as I'd like. Can you help me understand what I would do in Job B?
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