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Who's written really well about love (particularly from non-dominant perspectives)?

If love is not too earnest a topic, I'm looking for really good writers who have tackled the theory and practice of love—particularly from alternative angles.

I want to get a sense of all the different ways love feels. Things that have spoken intensely to you, I would put at the top of the list.

Because I'm a crazy reader, I would also love to see more work that focuses on any of these angles: queer (non-hetero), POC (in a Western sense), non-Western, friendship, collective (non-couple), non-monogamous, conflicted, long-term, political praxis, economic, ironic, intensely experiential, solo, ecological, or theoretical perspectives on love and desire. (Please, nothing about polyamory/swinging unless it's the only book you would take on a desert island.)

If it doesn't seem like it's about love to anyone but you, I would especially love to see it.

To give a sense of some readings already on my list:

* Against the Couple Form
* Uses of the Erotic
* "What if friendship, not marriage, was the center of life?" (Atlantic)
* The Agony of Eros
* Desire/Love
* Lost Cat (Gaitskill)
* The Politics of Friendship

All my love!
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