Quick tricks to rapidly reduce diastolic blood pressure?

Post date: 2021-11-26 04:04:43
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Regular BP is low-normal, lately diastolic is periodically high (80s-90s). Under extreme stress last night, diastolic went up to low 100s with headache and nausea. Telehealth only suggested longer term strategies, GP not worried (but didn't know about the 100s last night). BP is normal today. But are there any quick tricks to get that BP down? Tried cold water on the face and I remember reading something about a valsava maneuver (couldn't figure that out last night, the water didn't help). *Quick tricks* needed.

This is entirely stress related, BP is usually fine. But am having this kind of stress response lately. (Last night I lost it completely, because a family member was in a car accident... if you know why a hospital would release someone with a neck broken in two places, with some morphine and the instructions "don't move an inch or you'll get a spinal cord injury", or how that is ever justifiable let me know... felt totally powerless, plus I'm at a distance and couldn't convince anyone there to go to another hospital after 10 hours of waiting and investigations. That's family member #4 that I have to worry about.)
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