Image management on Windows: batch resize, easily rename files

Post date: 2021-11-26 09:18:34
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Does some simple software for Windows exist that will help me manage my image files the way I want? Basically, make it easy to rename a bunch of images, one by one, without having to click with the mouse, then carefully select the filename excluding the extension, then type a name (in tiny print in the file folder window), then click with the mouse again to do the next one? I want to just keep my eyes on the screen and touch type names, with the images being large enough to know what I'm looking at. I also want to select a bunch of files, and resize them all to have a maximum length and/or width, or to resize them all to 25%, or something. Surely someone has done this?

I know about Photoshop batch processing. I'd like something that is lighter weight than Photoshop and also requires less clicking around/typing/etc.

I need this to work on my PC (Windows 7), not least since uploading and downloading a bunch of image files will take too long.
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