Experiences with sound isolation booths

Post date: 2021-11-26 15:26:53
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I am looking at a Studiobricks sound isolation booth for practicing music in (particularly piccolo and saxophone). I'm not handy with DIY and I'm a renter, so this seems like a good solution. But most of the reviews and information online come from VO artists. Are you (or do you know) a musician who has bought one of these to practice with? What was it like? Is there anything I should watch out for?

The internet is littered with DIY soundroom solutions. I would rather get something that works the first time, and that I can take with me if/when I move. I don't want to muck about with building something just to find it has fundamental problems. But while wouldn't be going into debt for it, this would still be the single most expensive object I've ever purchased, and there is relatively little online from musicians about their experiences using these. I would like to hear about some of these experiences.

The American equivalent seems to be WhisperRoom (though there's no local distributors for them here in Australia).
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