Can I still (blissfully) drink it?

Post date: 2021-11-25 02:17:19
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Can I drink CBD infused drinks after their expiration date?

Pretty much what it says on the tin. I found a whole palate (!!) of Recess CBD infused drinks that I had squirreled away during the early pandemic crazy. This was like striking gold, but then I noticed they are expired. D'oh!

All 12 have the expiration date of 8/24/21 and it's almost December. They are in aluminum cans and have been in a cool, dark basement. Are they still ok to drink? How long will they be good for if I can drink them (this will take me at least a month or two to get through)?

I also realize I may need to toss all 12, and if that is the case, am viewing it as idiot-tax not to be a hoarder.

Thanks MeFi!
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