Technical Services librarian wants a flex/telework job

Post date: 2021-11-25 07:04:46
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I know there are a bunch of MLS and information services people here! I'm hoping to find a new job I like that allows for geographically flexible/remote work, either in my current field (research libraries) or something adjacent like library vendors, corporate knowledge management/copywriting...other. Anyone have advice, leads, cautionary tales, or moral support?

I'm in the US and don't want to have to move in order to take a new job, and vice versa don't want to have to give up a job I like if I want to relocate for personal needs down the road with aging parents and so on. Post-Covid lockdown, I'm just so ready for a change if I can only find a good spot to take the leap. I'm in a pretty cushy situation but it's dead-end. I'm just afraid of trying something else and hating it too.
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