Native-american respectful family activity for Thanksgiving holiday

Post date: 2021-11-25 07:38:41
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What can I and my family do for the Thanksgiving holiday - that will be respectful to the Native-Americans and their reality of genocide and colonialism in the US. We are in a big US city in Northern California (near the coast) and we are a family of 4 adults and a young child (past toddlerhood).

I would prefer for it to not just be another holiday where I have a good time with my family. I am looking in terms of visiting a place of importance to Native Americans where we might learn more about Native-American culture/history/people. And/Or perhaps donate to Native-American causes which might be more effective? Ideally I would like to do both. Or should I spend my time educating myself on the cause. My current knowledge is very cursory.

I recall seeing a group pestle-mortar on a hike once. Something like that was a good starting point to educate our little one that with the stories they are not hearing about from friends + family + school surrounding thanksgiving.

I very recently got to know about the and their request for Shuumi. I haven't yet explored that. But that would be a place I would start.

I would like to know of other organizations/efforts like this too.
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