"classic rock that *really* rocks, with no vocals"

Post date: 2021-10-25 09:38:12
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I'm looking for the name of a feel of music that I want to turn on in certain situations (mostly getting stoned and playing games, or getting stoned and watching a camp fire, or getting stoned and riding bikes). I have a few example songs linked inside, and I'm hoping my dreams will come true and will discover some great music!

In a single sentence, maybe something like: "Neil Young in a garage with a bass player and drum player, and they just play a ton of guitar solos and really groove together without singing." So, a real basic band - guitar, bass, drums. And maybe some others thrown in too, but no organ, orchestra, or choir, etc.

I really enjoy the raw energy of Jethro Tull, Stand Up, and would love to have it be all instrumental, and get rid of the flute and organ.

Pink Floyd, of course, really moves me and i love the vibe, but I'm hoping for something simpler and more raw.

Khruangbin is AMAZING but it also sounds more over-produced than what I'm looking for. If they could just JAM for a while, and be more raw and less compositional.

Have to mention the Eagles, as well. I'd love to have just their instrumental bits all jammed into a album.

I'm not so into prog rock or metal where it gets very technical, or with complicated instruments, or spacy-sounding stuff. I'm not so into jam bands where they're up on stage just jamming, I want stuff that ROCKS. I'm not so into funk or funky beats, that's great stuff but it doesn't ROCK. Not looking for stuff with much acoustic rhythm guitar.

I'd love to hear suggestions albums to work through, but I'd really love a brief explanation of what the sound is I'm looking for, too.I mostly listen to jazz and electronica so I'm not really well versed in the ways of the rock. If there's something really obvious I'm missing, please mention it!
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