I develop plugins upon request for a fee

Post date: 2021-10-25 11:13:53
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I do q2a paid plugins as freelancer job. Anyone who interested can pm me with satisfactory explanation regarding plugins functionality and workflow

I see many posts here saying I want quiz plugin, but for me to develop it, i need more information about its workflow. Ideally, you should write down step by step, what options you need in backend and fronted. How plugin should work? etc. So it will be easy for me to understand and do the job quickly and give you right price for it.

Here is a sample explanation of one of my client, which i found very clear and work pretty comfortable work, without any waste of time for afterwards modifications/updates.

  • 1) user A asks question normally (in ask page)
  • 2) after question is posted, it is visible as normal to anyone
  • 3) but admin/moderator has option to delete it with a reason. (so, need delete button in question viewing page, ideally near to edit button. And an admin setting to set which userlevel can be moderator)
  • 4) the deleted post will be hidden to all users, except owner. The post should be marked or labelled as "Deleted/Hidden" and the owner can edit (correct) it according to mentioned reason. During this stage question is still invisible/hidden.
  • 5) after edition is submitted, admin/moderator can decide to accept or reject (if reject with a reason again), and the question is permanently hidden or deleted whichever makes sense.
  • 6) if admin/moderator accepts question edit, then question becomes be visible and normal
  • * For users below X points, Q2A has an option to send posts to moderation. So, even in that moderation screen page, the points from 3-6 you mentioned should work.

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