ISO: double sleeping bag for 3-season car camping

Post date: 2021-10-23 05:52:05
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I'm in search of a two-person sleeping bag for late spring, summer, and early fall camping in a tent while car camping in state and national campgrounds. Can you recommend one?

We won't be backpacking with the sleeping bag nor will we be doing very cold camping. We will be in warm mid-summer camping temperatures mostly and then a little use during late spring or early fall where the night temps might dip to the mid 40s (F). I think I'd err on the side of less warm sleeping bag and then add a blanket or two during the coldest temps we'll experience.

One of us is 6'4" and the other is 5'10".

Something like this Kelty TruComfort Doublewide seems nice, especially with the foot vents, but don't know anyone who's used one.
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