Does opening up a pill alter it's efficacy?

Post date: 2021-10-20 11:17:05
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I take lithium carbonate for bi-polar disorder and want to only take half of the pill. The pill is not a hard pill but a capsule (so the contents are powder). I only want to be taking half of the pill and so want to remove half of the contents and then reseal it and swallow that. My question is: will this effect the efficacy of the medication much or at all? To put it a bit crudely, "it's just powder in a container, right?"

My reason for wanting to do this: my psychiatrist insisted on upping my lithium after I mentioned that I was feeling a little down lately. I am feeling a little down but it's not because of a chemical imbalance it's because a lot of things are happening in my life and the world right now that are causing me to feel this way. I am going to find a new psychiatrist but until then want to take the amount of medication that I actually do need.
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