Donated to take a campaign over its goal. Goal changed afterwards. wtf?

Post date: 2021-10-20 14:30:16
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A friend I respect is running a campaign to raise money for civic engagement and transparency in political process. I got the "Campaign ends today, and we're at 97%" email. I could just afford the amount they needed to meet their goal. So I donated, and saw the page reload with "100% funded". I reloaded a few minutes later, and saw that the goal was now $500 higher and back at 98.5%. Am I right to feel disappointed that I was lied to, or am I just another rube whole fell for an fundraising "engagement" trick?

There's nothing in the campaign about "stretch goals": there's just one goal, but they're not transparent about it moving. The respect I have — or perhaps had — for my friend is rapidly eroding.
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