Looking for karaoke options (tone-deaf, bad singing voice, testosterone)

Post date: 2021-10-19 08:54:49
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I would like suggestions please for songs that I will enjoy singing and people will enjoying listening to even though I'm not good at singing. Thank you!

Sometimes I end up a karaoke, which is great in some ways because I love singing! BUT, I am very bad at it. Please take my word for this; I'm not looking to be told "everyone's voice can be beautiful" or similar, trust me when I say my singing voice is just not pleasant to hear. Many many people have been telling me this for decades, I'm sensitive about it, please don't try to argue about this.

THAT SAID I would like to be able to participate in karaoke! What are some good song options for someone who is tone-deaf, not pleasant to listen to, and also I've been on testosterone for a couple of years and my voice cracks a lot? I used to be a mezzo-alto but now God knows what I am. If it's helpful, I can talk pretty fast so patter songs might be a good choice? Part of the problem is that am sufficiently tone-deaf that I often can't even hear how bad my singing is (but sometimes I can, and it's...not good).

In terms of songs, I like stuff from the late '90s/early 2000s (if it's helpful I graduated from high school in 2002), but older or later stuff is fine too, I have broad taste. Right now I think my best idea is "No Diggity" by Blackstreet which is good because I know all the words anyway (but maybe it's actually a bad choice?). Mostly, I'd like to find something people are excited to hear at karaoke, even though it's not hard to sing.

I am so grateful for any suggestions you can provide, thank you!
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