Retweeted by a celeb - but when?

Post date: 2021-10-19 10:13:05
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The highlight of my twitter existence was when a certain celebrity shared an article I wrote. I know this wasn't a dream. But I can't find the link.

Years ago, my Twitter mentions started blowing up. I found out it was because Leo DiCaprio tweeted about an article I wrote when it was posted by the publication.

I'm having absolutely no luck finding any evidence of this, though, either through Twitter's advanced search or apps like Mytoptweet and Popster. I assume it would be the most popular tweet I've been linked to. (Weirdly, the list of retweets only shows a handful, even though it says it's in the hundreds.)

What can I do?

(p.s. I'm 98% sure that was the article, but even if it was a different one, the search process should be the same, right?)
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