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Post date: 2021-10-19 14:04:37
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Trying to recall a PC game that was some sort of Ancient Egyptian (?) themed life sim / board game / gambling hybrid based on a rotating wheel.

It was pretty unusual. To the best I can recall, the primary mechanism was some sort of wheel that you spin or move your game-piece around (maybe based on senet or another ancient board game) and that affected the lives of your family (?) dynasty members (?) agricultural fortunes (?) or something. I'm 90% sure it was Ancient Egyptian derived, but there's a small chance it may have been based on another ancient culture elsewhere in North/East Africa or maybe Mesopotamia. The visual flow of the game was very board-gamey; it was a static frame within which things happened and moved. It could have been anywhere between 5 and 20 years ago that I came across this game.

I may have gotten literally any of these details wrong, but does the gestalt here ring a bell for anyone?
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