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Post date: 2021-10-19 15:27:41
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*Trigger Warning* *Feminist Melodrama Ahead* I'm hyper-offended about a rude action performed despite my explicit refusal. I had a date with someone I thought I very much could trust. (DETAILS AHEAD)

My date was not the first between us, nor had it been in the works. This was maybe date 4 in as many weeks. In date two we slept together because of a prior texting and working relationship and a pretty obvious physical attraction. Ok so before the date he asked in text would I be open to having unprotected sex and I said Absolutely Not and clarified that we were not monogamous nor would we be. Fast forward to the date itself things were on, things were right...then a sudden drop in the good... when I realized right after sex he had removed the condom during sex without telling me. It was so disgustingly arrogant of him I am still contemplating filing assault charges. Is this overkill, overthought or should I just get over it? I'm finding no mercy for him since it was made explicitly clear that my consent stopped without my protection. I'm not infected with anything thank God,, but a nausea at such chauvinistic gall. Would this be considered rape? Sexual assault? Fraud??
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