Please help me with dressing for fall/winter

Post date: 2021-10-20 00:09:46
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I live in NYC and have a tiny place with limited storage so multifunctional and compact is best for me. Lightweight/compact is also good because I feel like I end up carrying outerwear a lot on subway platforms, etc.

(I'm a size 8-10, 5'8, commute by foot/bike mostly. I work in a school with classrooms that will go between freezing and boiling in the same day).

I'd like the clothes to be good enough to work when visiting family in much colder places (MN, Canada).

I'd like them to look a bit stylish. This is the least important I guess, but a little grown up/sophisticated is nice.

I love clothes that feel nice where they touch my skin.

I'd like to not spend crazy money.

What I need:

* Coat - I had been using the Eddie Bauer Girl on the Go Trench but I changed sizes and it doesn't fit any more. I bought one from Shoebacca for much less money but it feels like the fit/look is different and I'm not sure if it's in my mind or what. I liked that this coat was a little bit less sporty, and that I didn't have to think about rain. I liked that it was longer. I don't like the way the hood doesn't really fasten or work for either cold-protection or rain, but I health with it. Should I just spend for the coat directly from the source or is there something better out there? This is probably the most urgent

* Wool sweater - once upon a time (20 years ago?) I had this burgundy sweater. I'm pretty sure it was wool. It wasn't thick, like a cable sweater, but it had substance. But relative to it's size/weight/thickness, it was the warmest thing I've ever had. It was neither scratchy nor especially soft. It would turn a fall coat into a Montreal winter coat all by itself. I never needed to worry about being cold if I had that sweater with me. I know there are different cuts/styles of wool. Does anyone have any thoughts what this might be or tips on what to look for? This is probably the strongest driving factor behind this question. I would love to find a replacement for that long-lost sweater

* Classroom-based gear - I picture leaving this in the school for when it's completely freezing in the classroom. I'm thinking some kind of ultra warm cozy sweater that can go over anything else I'm wearing, maybe unobtrusive gloves or long sleeves I can pull over my hands, maybe a hood that doesn't cover too much of my face.

* fall/winter tops - heavier weight/longer sleeves than summer but not too heavy because of warm work environment, light sweater/cardigan layer over summer t-shirt could potentially also work here. Prefer a somewhat professional look for the classroom but it doesn't have to be.

I believe I am set for footwear, hat, ear covering, bicycling mittens. But if you absolutely love something I'm glad to hear about it.

Thank you!
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