Answered: How to limit registration to users with email account from special domain name?

Post date: 2021-10-17 10:44:58
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I had a similar need as I installed Q2A on a website I developed on my workplace. I wanted my collegues to use their professionnal email adress (we just have one domain as to email), and it turned out to be quite simple

  1. I added a check with strpos to the class qa_filter_basic (pluginsqa-filter-basic.php) : strpos($email,'@yourdomain.ext')===false
  2. If the verification fails (the email does not belong to the specified domain), then return a message ("email_conseil_dep") saying only their professionnal mail is allowed. Message that I added - with a translation in French - to frqa-lang-users.php (you will have to do it in your specific folder)

This did the job for me. Hope it will be useful for someone out there

Kind regards

Paul V


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