Taking them to court - when I am far away from the court

Post date: 2021-09-25 21:28:49
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How to deal with the court system in California, when I live in the EU?

I am highly considering taking Flickr/SmugMug to court.

They defaulted on an arbitration case I opened (they never responded) which leaves the road open to avail myself of the court system. I am assuming that this means a court in California as their corporate address is "Mountain View", but I have no idea.

Which brings me to my larger point. I am an EU citizen with *no* experience in any court system, much less the US. I can read that "small claims", in California at least, means that I cannot get a lawyer to represent me. But I don't even know if "small claims" is even what I am looking for. Also, I don't know if I will have to travel to personally show up - although I am willing to do that as I feel I have a case, and a willingness to see this through. I have attempted to reach out to a few lawyers (found online) but get either "we don't handle small claims", or no response.

How do I engage here? How can I move forward?
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