Possibly stupid video game question

Post date: 2021-09-18 07:05:25
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I recently acquired a bunch of games on PC. Yay me! Unfortunately I keep running into the same dumb issue. Seriously, it's really dumb. So dumb that googling hasn't helped.

How the hell do you pick stuff up? Is there some agreed upon thing that most games use and all gamers know so no one lists it anywhere in any of the settings? Just walking over the stuff doesn't pick it up. None of the buttons we're told to use do anything. This has now happened in two games (Titanfall 2? I think? and Control) and I feel like a dummy (possibly because I'm being dumb). Googling these things informed me that yes, I do want to pick up all this stuff the zombie monsters drop, but with the assumption that I knew how to do that. I do not. Apparently. God I feel dumb.
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