Persimmons: I have too many and some questions

Post date: 2021-09-19 03:14:51
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I greatly underestimated how many persimmons would come in this box from Miami Fruit. I will be giving some away, but I also have questions about storage and please give me your vegan (or easily veganized) persimmon recipes.

My main question is whether putting them in the refrigerator will slow down ripening without ruining them. But if you have any great tips for making persimmons last longer, please let me know. Also, I know these are supposed to get very soft before you eat them, but how do you tell if they've gone bad?

For recipes, in addition to being vegan, I try to minimize oil and sugar, so persimmon cookies made with vegan butter aren't going to work. I already found this persimmon bread recipe, which looks good. I also plan to freeze some and try the persimmon/banana "nice cream" on the website. Suggestions for savory usages would be great. Please share recipes and any persimmon-related tips you can.
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