Answered: How do I create conditions, to control where something appears

Post date: 2021-09-18 07:48:15
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You can use  $this->template  to create conditions for different types of pages, much like WordPress.

if ($this->template == 'question') {


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$this->template == 'ask'                          // Ask Page
$this->template == 'qa'                           // Homepage / Q&A Page
$this->template == 'activity'                  // Activity Page
$this->template == 'questions'             // Questions List Page
$this->template == 'hot'                          // Hot Page
$this->template == 'unanswered'        // Unanswered Page
$this->template == 'tags'                       // Tags Page
$this->template == 'categories'           // Categories Page
$this->template == 'users'                     // Users List Page

Single Pages:

$this->template == 'question'              // Single Question Page
$this->template == 'custom'                // Single Page
$this->template == 'search'                  // Search Result Page
$this->template == 'user'                      // Single User Page

Page templates are rendered as a body class in the DOM. You can inspect element to check for other page templates.

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