Running window AC unit on solar

Post date: 2021-07-23 04:27:27
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If I want to run a window AC unit on solar, what equipment do I need and where would I buy it?

I'm okay only running this unit when it's sunny out, so I don't want a battery. If it doesn't work at night or on cloudy days that's fine. I guess I need panels and an inverter? The unit runs on 120 V AC. The owner's manual says it will pull up to 15 amps but in reality it pulls more like 7 amps.

How do I turn this information into an appropriate number of panels, and where do I buy the panels and an inverter? I have a sunny place where I can set the panels. And is there more to it than what I've listed here?

This setup will not interact with the grid at all so I don't need to worry about connecting to the grid.
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