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Post date: 2021-07-24 03:06:52
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I'll be going on a road trip with my 10 year old in a few weeks. What should we listen to?

The well has started to run dry on my knowledge of books that have an appropriate maturity level to line up with his interests, and I don't know much about what audiobooks might be especially engaging. I'd like something that will also help a grownup get through 15 hours of dull highway driving more easily, so not TOO kid-oriented.

We are pretty flexible on genre but lean sci-fi and fantasy. Non-fiction is fine but we have had bad luck finding it compelling in audiobook form—I think we want a story, true or not. Humor is great, with some caveats below.

In terms of vocabulary and plot, kid is pretty mature (recent stuff he's enjoyed includes the original Sherlock Holmes short stories and some adult-marketed sci fi with ~PG-13 level content). He is excruciatingly sensitive to the secondhand-cringe-theater that is so common in kid and teen media. He likes an obvious and interesting bad guy and a clever good guy.

He's consumed and enjoyed most of the stuff that you'd expect from a modern fantasy-loving kid: HP, LOTR, Rick Riordan and his imprint, Warriors, Wings of Fire. He loves D&D and actual play podcasts, but asked for a more focused story for the trip, so a relatively tight audio drama podcast might also work.

I don't have an Audible subscription but would be willing to get one for this trip.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
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