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Post date: 2021-03-03 04:51:54
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Please recommend basic guides for making a website look good, so I can make my hobby sites look less terrible - ideally something like, "do these five steps to make your site look better than plain Bootstrap."

I build a lot of hobby sites, and I do not have strong design skills.

I would like my sites to look better.

The obvious answer would be to use pre-built themes, but often I have trouble finding a theme that's a good fit. Also, although most of my sites are in Drupal, my latest project uses Django, and I don't see a lot of pre-built themes for Django.

I would love something that lays out a handful of steps I can take to make my sites look better, like
* first, add x amount of padding to the body tag
* next, create header, content, and footer divs, and add x amount of padding to those
* decide how many major areas you have on your page and put x space between them
* make your headings x times as big as your regular text

I am comfortable editing CSS and HTML and building template files for Drupal and Django.

I am not looking for a months-long design course. A two or four hour course covering actionable basics would be great.

I am NOT attempting to become a brilliant designer in half an hour; I have tremendous respect for actual design professionals, and I know they bring extensive thought and study to what they do.

This is more like a person who cooks for themself wanting to know a few plating and presentation tips so my meals don't just look like they were dumped onto the plate.

Thank you for any recommendations you can offer!
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